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December 8, 2009 / Christian M.

I Didn’t Notice….

So I met with my supervisor for almost two hours yesterday as we continued my general orientation to this branch. One of my responsibilities will be updating some of the displays around the library.

She gave me a “pop quiz” on how many displays are in the library, and what they are about. I’m embarrassed that  my mind went blank. Unfortunately, there was a lot of  “ummm” and “I can’t remember.” I honestly haven’t really paid that much attention to them. A display can be a bulletin board, a table of handouts, a shelf highlighting certain books in our collection, etc.

So of course, I am walking around making a mental note of where all the displays are now.  Yesterday evening I  searched online and found some interesting blogs and websites  with good ideas for displays.

We also walked through the children’s section, and she pointed out how the shelving space could be utilized better, and the books better presented. Running a library is not just about housing resources, we have to market the resources, and make them look good so the customer is more interested in what we have to offer. Otherwise, they will be walking in and out with the same response I had …. “oh, I didn’t notice.”


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