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December 9, 2009 / Christian M.

Weeding the Books

Yesterday, I was finally assigned to the Adult Services Desk for a few hours. Most of the time I have been in Children’s Services since I started. But most of the sections of the collection I am responsible for are in AS. It was pretty quiet, and the librarian I was working with was content to stay at the desk, so I took that time to go through my areas: 300s, 400s, 900s, ANR, Workplace, Adult Fiction, Juv nonfiction, and College Bound.

All the Information staff (Librarians and LAs) are assigned certain sections of the collection. We are supposed to go through those sections on a regular basis and neaten the shelves, make sure all the items are in correct order, and remove (or weed) materials that are worn out or not being used/out of date.

It was nice to be able to move around and stay busy off the desk. I weeded some worn out paperbacks from the 300s and nonfiction. I want to do something to spruce up the College Bound display, and I need to go back and really look through the Adult New Reader (ANR) section. It was a little disorganized, and the fiction books looked really out of date.  But I just neatened both areas for now, and I will come back to them later.

After going through the shelves, I am remembering why I enjoyed working in my college library so much. Some library workers dread reading the shelves (making sure they are in the correct order) because it can be boring. But I love to discover interesting books to read. I checked out three that I found yesterday. One was about finances (“Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich”), and two were about crocheting.  When I will actually sit down to read them, I don’t know.


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