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December 21, 2009 / Christian M.

“Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail … ”

Well you learn something new every day, like the fact that public library staff are as essential to the community as police officers, fire fighters and hospital workers. Obviously, libraries shouldn’t close in bad weather even when public schools and federal government is closed. Go figure.

As you probably can tell I wasn’t too excited to hear the voicemail this morning declaring that my library system will be open today. I was hoping they would give us an extra day so that streets can be cleaned. They didn’t. I picked up one of my co-workers on the way, and we arrived to find snow pretty much untouched on the sidewalk  leading to the front door. There was some parking available in the shopping center next door, but the street in front of the library had no parking available due to snow banks.

But we made it inside safely with no slips and falls. I would think thought the system would send a truck before we opened. The plow was the clearing the little parking lot just as my co-worker and I arrived, and the front walkway was cleaned after we opened for the public.

I’m still hoping they will let us leave early (before our normal closing of 8 pm), …. the streets are going to be very slippery after dark.


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