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January 7, 2010 / Christian M.

One Month Down

I have been here in the library for one month so far. I have five more months of probation before my job is “secure”.

The P.G. County Library System was closed for eleven days over the holiday due to furlough. It was so good to have the time off to visit family and just relax.

Now that the information desk is fully staffed, each of the info staff gets at least one day a week where we are off the desk for 2-4 hours. That time is used to complete special projects, mainain our assigned section of shelves.

I can’t think of any book display ideas for January. I put up some story books about winter and snowmen shortly before we closed in December. Almost half the books on display were checked out, so I put a few more winter story books out.

In adult services area, there are a display of books related to searching for jobs, which has been there for a while. But it continues to be relevant, because a lot of adults use the library computers to apply for jobs and update their resumes.  I replace the books as they are removed by customers.


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