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April 3, 2010 / Christian M.

Some Academic Guidance

Yesterday I met with my academic advisor for grad school. Okay, so she called me an overachiever for meeting with her in April when I don’t start my class until August. lol But Dr. L is so nice and very encouraging.

We talked a little about my background and what led me to working in the library and pursuing an MLS.  She was relieved to find out I had already experienced various aspects of the library (i.e. cataloging, circulation desk, information desk, etc.).  So I have a better idea of my future goals in this field than some students that come in with no library experience at all.

Then we talked a little about the graduate school itself and the resources for new students.  Dr. L’s advice to me is to 1) right now focus on completing the four core classes required for everyone and keep an open mind because I might change my mind as to the direction I want to in this field. 2) If possible, find a librarian in my library system to mentor me 3) Take advantage of local events and activities for librarians and library students in order to network, and expand my knowledge of the field.

Only four more months until I start school!


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