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April 6, 2010 / Christian M.

Approximately 77 Million Americans Use Library Computers…

I was just reading about a study published last month on how many Americans use computers in public libraries, and what they are using the computers for. This is the first national study to be done in the US on this subject.

“Nearly one-third of Americans age 14 or older – roughly 77 million people – used a public library computer or wireless network to access the Internet in the past year, according to a national report released today [March 25, 2010].”

I definitely believe that. I work at a small branch, but I sub at some of the larger branches in the county, and everywhere I go, the majority of the customers seem to be there for the computers. It is wonderful that an option exists in our country for free internet access.

“People from all walks of life use library computers to perform routine and life-changing tasks, from emailing friends to finding jobs … More than three-quarters of those who used the library Internet connections had access at home, work, or elsewhere. Oftentimes, they needed a faster connection, assistance from a librarian, or temporary access in an emergency.”

This is interesting. Because I have wondered if there are really so many people without internet in their home at all. I know some customers have told me that their internet at home is down, and one mother brings her son to use the library computers even though they have a computer at home,  because he likes to be here with his friends.  🙂

To read the original post visit Study: A Third of Americans Use Library Computers


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