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July 27, 2010 / Christian M.

….Just Checking In…..

“I will try to update often, and judging from my first week on the job, I doubt that I will ever have a lack of content.”

These are the infamous words I typed in my first post….unfortunately, it has been three months since my last post. (Where is the embarrassed smiley???)

Well, things are going well on the job. I have been here almost eight months.  I am definitely becoming more and  more comfortable with my ability to help customers find the information they need. I have had the opportunity to spend some time working in three large branches in the system. Definitely a different change of pace from my small branch! But it keeps me on my toes and expands my knowledge of resources.

I was awarded the 2010 William R. Gordon Spectrum Scholarship which provides $5,000 towards tuition, and $1,500 towards the American Library Association Conference in 2011. Along with money, I have also been introduced into a great network of other Spectrum Scholars across the country. I think there are 75 scholars for this year, and we have our own email group. It is really fascinating reading everyone’s introductions and seeing how librarians come from so many  different academic and career backgrounds.

My library system just sent out an update of upcoming training sessions. They will be holding two workshops for story time. I am not allowed to lead children’s storytimes yet, because I am required to be trained in a workshop sponsored by my library system. This is the first training they have offered since I started working here. I guess once I finish the training, I will be included in the rotation for weekly story time here at my branch. I’m a little nervous about that.


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