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September 23, 2010 / Christian M.

When You’re #2 is Green, What Does That Mean???

I tell you, sometimes I really love working in a public library. People have no shame and will ask anything! Keeps my day interesting.

So today a  man came to the desk and asked if fiber can help a person lose weight. I said I could help him find resources to answer his question. Even if I think I know the answer, I am not allowed to give medical or legal advice (so I can’t be sued later). So I go to the shelf to pull a few books for him to read. He stopped me after I handed him the first book (The Fiber35 Diet by Brenda Watson), and said “Yeah it does, see it says on the front of this book.” Then he put the book back on the shelf.

He then says that burritos have fiber and that he eats them a lot so that should help, right? I prefaced my reply with “I’m not a doctor, and do not make health or diet decisions based on what I say.” Then I carefully talked a little bit about the importance of a balanced diet, and that he needs to create a diet based on his personal health needs right now…Then I reminded him to talk to a doctor or dietician.

Well his last question, and he kinda whispered it: “Well you know when you do #2, and it’s green, I mean really green, what does that mean?” Oh my, I tried to keep a straight face, but I laughed a little anyway. Then I found a website online that talks about the colors of stool: I showed him the page, and read to him what it said about green stool. Then I told him that if he is really concerned, he should consult a doctor. He assured me that it doesn’t happen all the time, just sometimes. Ummm, thanks for sharing.

Well that is my reference question for the day!


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