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January 6, 2011 / Christian M.

Catching Up On The Little Things

So in between my day job, extra naps and ignoring the housecleaning, I decided to be a little bit productive. Here was my to-do list for winter break:

  • Create a weekly schedule for spring semester
  • Start writing scholarship essays due in the spring, and decide who to ask for references
  • Conduct email interviews of librarians who work in positions, or types of libraries that interest me
  • Decide which classes I need based on my new area of specialization (which I will elaborate on in a future post)

With classes starting next week, and what have I accomplished?

I completed my weekly schedule, I just need to add the nice color coding.
I thought about my essays — I’m sure they will be really good when I do write them.
I did email questions to three librarians in my field of interest, so far one has responded.  🙂
I’m close to finalizing my list of courses for the rest of my degree.


All in all, a pretty good break.  Six days until my next class starts……

….hmmm, I still need to order my textbooks……..



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