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January 10, 2011 / Christian M.

Where To Draw The Line??

Oh dear, sometimes I am too nice.

Last week, an elderly woman came in fill out an online application for a payday loan (from Money Mutual because it is endorsed by Montel Williams). She is very computer illiterate, and didn’t know how to do anything. Since we were fully staffed that day, I decided to help her fill out her application as well as set up an email account (even though that goes beyond the assistance we are required to provide). I also told her about the one-on-one computer lessons we offer to adults, and encouraged her to sign up.

Since that time, the woman has come back in almost every day….looking for me. Money Mutual did not contact her within 24 hours like they advertised. So she wanted to try a different website, but it ended up being blocked by our system’s filter (thank goodness!). Then she asked me what she should do. I told her I’m no expert on those type of services, and I really couldn’t say what she should do. I did find her a 1-800 number for Money Mutual that she could call …. which she then saved in her phone under the name Montel Williams.

She came back in today—twice! The second time she said someone from Money Mutual contacted her and said they accidentally erased her application and she needs to re-submit it. Unfortunately for her (but fortunate for me), we are short-staffed today, and I am covering the desk by myself. I told her it would be a couple of hours before another staff person came to the desk with me (okay, maybe a little fib). I did get her on a computer, and she and her brother attempted to fill out the application on their own….but they couldn’t figure it out. So she asked for my name, and said she would call the library tomorrow to find out what time I am available to help her. I agreed to this. As she is walking out, she notices one of my co-workers coming upstairs. She turns around and comes back to ask if he is coming to the desk. I told her no. She said okay, and then left the building.

Somebody give this woman some money quick!


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