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January 26, 2011 / Christian M.

Library Day In The Life 1/25/11

This post is a part of the Library Day In The Life Project, Round 6. It’s a great opportunity for library workers to learn from colleagues and share more information about the library profession.

So I am a library associate in a public library system. I work in a small branch in an urban community. On an average day not a w hole lot happens at this particular branch. Most customers come in just to use the computers. But here are some of the things I did today:

Information Desk: Most of my day is spent at either the adult or children’s information desk. Since this is a generalist branch, all Info Staff are expected to work with all age groups. We usually rotate shifts at the two desks. Here are some of the questions I received today:

  • Do you have a book about different antiques—with a lot of pictures?
  • Can you print out the nonfiction booklist from Publisher’s Weekly?
  • We’re looking for books on science & technology for a middle school student.
  • I need a math book for my children.
  • How do I use “tab” in Microsoft Word?
  • Where is PC #7?
  • Can I use the phone?
  • Do you have the 1040 [tax form]?
  • Is there a computer available?
  • My print job didn’t come out – the paper is blank.

Community Information: I am responsible for maintaining the bulletin boards & the display table of community information – flyers, newspapers, magazines, and handouts that are free for the taking. I post new handouts, and remove whatever is outdated or irrelevant to our neighborhood.

Collection Maintenance: Every month the Selection Office compiles a list of replacement titles for children’s services. Each branch is responsible for logging into the vendor website and inputting their orders for the titles they need. At my branch, each of the Info Staff takes a part of the list. We check to see which of the titles are carried at our branch, and if we need additional copies. A need is determined by physical damage, lost items, or high circulation (not enough copies to meet customer demand).

In-House Checkin: At the end of the day I collect all the items that have been left on the tables or displaced from the shelves, and check them in using the “in-house checkin”feature of the library software. This records the circulation of items used inside the branch.

So that was a day in my life.


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