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May 31, 2011 / Christian M.

Sightseeing With the Wife & Other Stories

A young white man came up to the info desk today.

Him: “Do you all have any pamphlets for that?” (pointing to a poster about African American Heritage Sites in P.G. County)

Me: “No, that is an old poster, we don’t have any pamphlets for it anymore.”

Him: “Well do you have anything about that? My wife is coming up here to visit…..she’s black and I wanted to take her to some of the places.”

I wanted to give him a *BLANK STARE*…..but instead I did an internet search and wrote down the web address where the info could be found online.

Him: “Thanks a lot!”

Me: “You’re welcome.”

[ETA: What gave me pause is that he felt the need to clarify why he was interested in this information. I didn’t care if it was him or his wife who was interested in the historical sites.]

In case anyone else (black or otherwise) would like more information about the African American Heritage Sites in Prince George’s County, MD, here are a couple of links:

African American History in Historic Prince George’s

African American Heritage Site Guide


I was straightening up the children’s area this evening and found a pair black socks–one on the table, one on the floor—they had obviously been worn. Ewww!!! I asked the children who left their socks over here. Of course everyone laughed…and no one claimed them.  *sigh* I really need people to keep their clothes on while in the library.


So, I put a little girl in time out because she was hitting other children, and running around the library. I couldn’t put her out, because she had to stay until an adult came to get her. Well right after I told her to sit down, a woman (her mother?) came in and asked “what did the librarian tell you?” The girl mumbled what had happened….and the woman (mom?)  sent her over to finish her timeout.  smh  I then  added a couple more children to the timeout list right after her. *double sigh* I’m ready to go home now.


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