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June 14, 2011 / Christian M.

Gearing Up for the ALA Annual Conference 2011

I am really excited to be attending my first American Library Association  Annual Conference in New Orleans next week. I am one of the 2010 ALA Spectrum Scholars, and besides money for tuition, we also receive an all-expense paid trip to the 2011 Spectrum Leadership Institute which will be held during the ALA conference. Most of my time will be spent in the workshops and events provided by the Spectrum Leadership Institute, but there is time provided to participate in some of the ALA presentations as well.

Of course I will be blogging and tweeting from the conference about the sessions I attend and my overall experience. You can follow me on Twitter @LibGirl09.  I’m so excited. (did I say that already?) I haven’t decided yet which ALA sessions I will attend. I will probably look for topics that are most applicable to my current job in the public library.

In preparation for conference attendance, I have updated my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and resurrected my Twitter profile. Since my job does not provide me with any business cards, I have ordered my own personal business cards from Vistaprint. My cards are very simple, and just have my name, job title, school & graduation date, email, and LinkedIn page address.

Since I had to order so many (with Vistaprint, the minimum order is 250), I kept the cards pretty generic so that they are still applicable no matter what job I have. Who knows how long it will take me to give out 250 business cards. I listed my job title as Information Professional. I do have some other ideas for a more detailed business card, but I will incorporate those other ideas when I order new cards after I finish my MLS in a couple of years.

If you are looking for more information on preparing for the ALA Annual Conference (or any conference really) check out these great posts:

Anyone else attending the ALA conference? Which sessions are you planning to attend? I’ll only be there June 23-26 – that’s how long the leadership institute (and my scholarship funding) will last. But I plan to make the most of my experience. I feel a little nervous and overwhelmed…..but still very excited!


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