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July 18, 2011 / Christian M.

Thing 4: Staying Aware of the World Around Me

Wow, I am really falling behind with CPD23 – must catch up!

Thing 4 is about using Twitter, RSS feeds, and Pushnote to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the library science world.

I created a Twitter account last year, used it briefly, and then forgot about it. I really didn’t understand why people even bothered. Who wants to be limited to 140 characters per tweet? Besides, at that time, not many of my friends used Twitter on a regular basis either.  So, with no one to follow on a regular basis, it was pretty boring. However, this summer in preparation for attending the Spectrum Leadership Institute & ALA Conference, I began updating all my social media accounts.  I decided to revive my twitter account and give it another chance. You can follow me @LibGirl09!

Since I have decided to keep my profile and tweets public, my purpose for using Twitter has changed from personal to professional, and I choose not to share much personal information.  Most of the people I follow (and who follow me) are library students or librarians – including some I have had the pleasure of meeting in person at the ALA Conference. The only things I struggle with right now is sometimes not knowing what hashtags to use with my tweets or in searching for other tweets of interest, and also with the sheer volume of information in the multitude of tweets being published throughout the day.  Of course I just have to resign myself to the fact that I will not see everything …and that is okay.

I have a RSS feed through my blog. WordPress allows me to keep a list of blogs that I “subscribe” to, but I don’t check the feed very often…maybe once a week if that.  I just recently began using Google Reader, and I am in the process of adding all the blogs I follow (or am interested in following) to this feed. Hopefully, since I check my email more often than I post to my blog, I will be encouraged to check my feed more often with this option.  I do prefer the way Google Reader is set up vs. the WordPress feed. With WordPress, all the blog posts are mixed together and listed in order of most recent post. However, with Google Reader, the blogs are listed in alphabetical order, and then under each blog’s name the posts are listed in order of most recent. Google Reader makes it easier to locate a specific blog’s post in my RSS feed.

I did create a Pushnote account last week, but I haven’t started using it yet.  I still need to set aside some time to fully explore this tool and see what all the features are. Or, if I even want to use this tool. My goal is not necessarily to become involved in every social media tool there is, but at least to become familiar with most of them. Even if I’m not interested, I want to know enough to be able to discuss it or recommend it to someone else.


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