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August 4, 2011 / Christian M.

Free Webinars in Aug. & Sept. by Pattern Research, Inc

I received this info in an email and thought I should share. These are free webinars offered by Pattern Research, Inc. They are geared towards people who work in libraries, schools, and higher education, but can apply to any workplace.

All webinars start at 1 pm Central Time and continue for one hour, with extra time for questions.

**Please note your time zone:
Pacific:      11 am
Mountain:  Noon
Central:     1 pm
Eastern:    2 pm

Ten Tips for Writing Well with Dixie Darr – August 4, 2011

This free webinar provides a quick tour of some of the more common mistakes even experienced professionals make (and regardless of one’s level of education). Topics include punctuation, jargon, keeping words “in agreement,” too many words, using the wrong words, and failure to edit, as well as using social media abbreviations (texting shorthand) in workplace documents.

What It Looks Like and Sounds Like: Tweaking Design Elements and Production Values, with Tim Sullard and Pat Wagner – August 17th, 2011

Graphic design and printed workbooks. Live performances, such as theater and music. Poetry and fine fiction. Film and theater. Radio. All old-school formats for delivering information that can provide insights into what can polish your virtual classroom presentation skills.  Topics: Create checklists and agendas, address production issues before, during, and after, apply classic rules of legibility and commercial design to 21st Century presentations, upgrade sound and recording issues, and collect more practical technology tips. This is the third in a series with the Medical Library Association.

Ten Tips for Book Programs for Babies with Kathy Kirchoefer – August 25th, 2011

You can start teaching early literacy skills to babies without them or their grownups even knowing that that’s what you are doing! Whether you are preparing programs for babies in your library or community center, teaching early literacy skills to daycare providers, or providing support to new parents in an outreach program, a few tips can make your work easier and more productive, as well as more fun and effective for the babies and their adults.

Is Self-Employment for you? Building a Business, with Pat Wagner – September 1, 2011

Being smart, competent, experienced, credentialed, and effective are not enough. Self-employment is as much a lifestyle choice as it is a financial decision. Are you a perfectionist, or can you set limits on how much you do? Does negotiating about money make you uncomfortable, or can you ask for what you want? Does your family think being self-employed means glamour and big bucks, or are they supportive of long hours, missed vacations, and time on the road? Do you hope for a job where people will pay you and leave you alone, or do you actually like human beings?

We will review the basics, including identifying necessary skill sets, managing finances, setting deadlines, finding and keeping customers, and avoiding common mistakes.

Stop Managing Too Much with Too Little, with Pat Wagner – September 15, 2011

“Time management” is too often a code phrase for “Burn Yourself out for the sake of the team.” Instead, create an operations plan with precise target audiences and limited goals, but improved products and services. The most difficult step: deciding what you will stop doing, so you can free up time, money, and staff for better quality work.

Throwing darts at a wall is not the best way to choose what to eliminate. We will review several tested, practical strategies that help make hard decisions. Topics include reviewing the iron triangle (time, cost, quality), creating a working strategic plan, establishing priorities, ethical constraints, and making hard choices.

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