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August 17, 2011 / Christian M.

Thing 6: Online Networks

Thing 6 is about social networks.  Below are a few social networks that I have used.

I have had a LinkedIn account for a few years, but it is not until I started my MLS degree that I have become more active with seeking new contacts and participating in discussion groups. At one point I was checking my LinkedIn profile at least once a week, sometimes more. However, this summer I have been really busy and my participation in this network has slacked off…I still check in a few times a month though. I know there is still room for improvement in how I use my profile, and I have gradually made some changes as I have observed others’ profiles. I really appreciated Sharlyn Lauby’s article on optimal use of the LinkedIn profile.

Hi, my name is LibGirl09, and I am a Facebook-addict. Yes, I admit it. As much as I am on there every day, I really need to start utilizing it more for professional purposes. So far, I have been too lazy to create a separate professional account…and I really don’t want to have two Facebook accounts to check regularly – then I’ll never get anything done! I have “friended” some of my colleagues (only peers though), and I have joined maybe three professional groups on Facebook. However, I really prefer to just use this tool for non-professional networking.

LISNPN, LATnetwork, CILIP Communities

Like Ge Ge, I am attempting to avoid information overload, by limiting my social networks. Besides how will I accommodate my extensive Facebook time, if I keep adding other networks??? I have never used any of these three. It is nice to know they exist though (especially since they are geared specifically to information professionals), and I may try them out in the future.

Black Librarian Nation

I thought I would mention a social network that I use that is not covered by CPD 23. Black Librarian Nation provides a place for African American librarians to connect and share their experiences in the field. Each member has a profile page, and the whole format is somewhat similar to Facebook. Members can upload photos and videos, post info on events and conferences, join groups (Law Librarians, Spectrum Scholars, HBCU Librarians, etc.), and write blog posts (which are similar to FB’s notes). There is also a listing of job ads from across the U.S. that seems to be updated regularly. I must admit I don’t use this network very often.


At the moment, LinkedIn and Twitter are my favorite tools of choice for professional networking.



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  1. Rekesha Spellman (@rekesha) / Aug 17 2011 5:34 pm

    Thanks for sharing the link to the Black Librarian Nation Web site. I will checking this site out.

    I also have recently started revamping my LinkedIn profile as a result of particiapting in the #cpd23. I still have mixed feelings about using Facebook for professional networking, but I have started using the BeKnown app. I still think Twitter is my favorite social networking site because I can connect with anyone, share news, and participate in converstions.

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