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August 23, 2011 / Christian M.

Earthquake At The Library!

For those of you living on the east coast, you have already felt (or at least heard about) the 5.9 earthquake that originated in Mineral, VA and was felt as far south as South Carolina and as far north as Ontario! My library is in Maryland, right outside Washington, DC and we definitely felt it here.

I was on my lunch break about ten minutes away from the library and was headed back to work when it happened. I was pulling out of a parking lot when my car started bouncing and rocking. Now, I have an old car and it’s been having some issues lately. So my first thought was “what’s wrong with my car this time?!” But the bouncing and rocking stopped and I dubiously continued driving.

Meanwhile, I drove past a mall and saw all these people standing outside. Then I’m seeing firetrucks and police cars going by. Then I hear on the radio about an earthquake was felt in DC. Finally, I get back to work at the library and everyone is being evacuated! It wasn’t until my co-workers told me they had felt an earthquake, that I made the connection that what I felt in my car had been an earthquake. Yeah, I’m slow sometimes. We definitely don’t expect earthquakes over here, so it’s kinda hard to believe  even when I experienced it.

Can you believe people were still trying to stay on their public computer even while staff was telling everyone to leave the building? And some were a little impatient outside asking if they could come back in yet, to get back on the computer.  *shaking my head* I swear, the building could be on fire, and people would still try to hang on to those computer reservations. After about 30 minutes, the branch manager allowed everyone to come back in. Our electricity stayed on, and there is no visible damage to the building, so the administrative office said to stay open.  However, staff feels differently.

Here is picture of the earthquake aftermath inside the library:

Fortunately, only books fell to the floor, and nothing worse.

This earthquake is already famous, and has it’s own wikipedia page, and also an “I Survived…” page on Facebook.

If you are like me, and live on the East Coast and remain clueless of exactly what you are supposed to do when an earthquake hits, here are a couple of resources:


I hope everyone stayed safe, and I also hope to never experience that again!



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  1. Lesley / Aug 23 2011 3:00 pm

    Glad you’re safe! I felt it at work in Durham, NC, too!

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