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October 19, 2011 / Christian M.

The Librarian Job Market for the Class of 2010

I have just become aware of the fact that Library Journal does an annual survey of library science graduates and their experiences with finding a job following graduation. The survey results provide information on current employment trends within the field of librarianship. The information is very interesting, although only about one third of the total graduates actually participated in this year’s survey. One of my colleagues pointed out that this would most likely lead to skewed results.

Here are some quotes from the Grad’s Perspective which stood out to me.

Many of the 2010 grads found that wearing multiple hats was the norm.

Regardless of prior professional experience…the job search was lengthy…

…it was critical to be able to show meaningful experience in the type of agency targeted…

Many treated the search for permanent placement itself as a full-time job…

Look beyond libraries. It is very rough out there even if you do all of the right things. And acquire other relevant experiences.

[Maintain] good, comprehensive portfolios of work completed during practicums to illustrate skills and competencies to a potential employer.

…the most important factor in landing a position… is people.

Keep a positive and professional attitude; something will come along eventually.

Whether the results of the survey are skewed or not, the perspectives and advice of the 2010 grads definitely vibes with what I am hearing from professors in my classes and the blogs of current professionals.

To read more, visit LJ’s Placements & Salaries Survey 2011.

I strongly encourage all 2011 library school graduates to participate in the next survey. If your school does not formally participate in this survey, then you can contact the author directly to give your input. Those of us who are still in school and contemplating future career strategies will really appreciate your insights.


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