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June 4, 2012 / Christian M.

The Perfect Librarian Accessory

While visiting an event called Artomatic on Saturday, I saw the CUTEST accessory. The book purse.

Nancy Drew — one my favorite childhood mystery series.

Okay, okay, I know books no longer define our profession, and walking around with a book purse would probably reinforce some stereotypes. But I love these purses! They are made from recycled vintage book covers. The artist is Caitlin Phillips. I don’t know how much press she has received in the past, but since I just found out about her, I wanted to highlight some of her work. What a  creative and unique idea!

Me checking out her display. Those are so much cuter than the clunky bag I have now — don’t you agree? ;o)

Anne of Green Gables — another favorite

To see more pictures of Caitlin’s work, or to purchase a purse (you know you want one!), visit her Etsy shop, Rebound Designs.

Also, if you are in the Washington, DC area, you can see her pieces in person, along with the work of over a hundred other artists. Artomatic will run until June 23rd.


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