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September 18, 2012 / Christian M.

Back To School

This is the fourth week of school….and I’m just now sharing “back to school” thoughts, but oh well. Better late than never!  ;o)

I am taking two courses this semester: “Management” and “Information Literacy and Instructional Design”.

I am more excited about the information literacy course. Right now I am involved with teaching computer literacy classes with my work at the public library. However, I am very interested in being involved in instruction in my future work in health sciences libraries. I am hoping to learn skills I can apply right away and also those that will boost my employ-ability following graduation.

Sitting at home with my headset for my first synchronous online class ever! (I have experienced asynchronous classes before).

One of the skills we will be learning is developing online instruction modules, because online education is the way of the future (and present really).  To allow the professor to model how to facilitate synchronous online courses, this course is blended, and we will meet online four times this semester using Adobe Connect.

The equipment for online synchronous classes — laptop & headphones with mic (some classmates just used a mic without headphones)


I am feeling a little blah about the management class right now. Currently we are discussing management modules, and the history of management theories. I think once it becomes a little more practical and I start working on the bigger assignments, then it will become more interesting. Hopefully….


I am also looking for volunteer opportunities in local medical libraries, preferable a hospital library, since I already interned at an academic library last semester. I emailed a hospital librarian today…I’ll let you know how that goes.

That’s all for now….I will try very hard to write more than just once a month from now on.




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