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November 1, 2012 / Christian M.

November Health Display @ Public Library

National Diabetes Month Display

November is National Diabetes Month / American Diabetes Month! To help support people in educating themselves on the prevention and self-management of diabetes, I created a special display. My display includes:

I selected all the books we have at this branch about diabetes/prediabetes, as well as some of our cookbooks written for diabetics.

In the whole library system, there are only three videos about diabetes (none of which we had on our shelves). I requested two of them to include in my display.

I ordered four brochures from the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse. Depending on which ones you order, you can request up to 25 copies for free. The titles I ordered are:

The brochures

Pathfinder/Subject Guide
This two-page guide (front & back) provides

  • a “starter list” of books & videos in our library system with call numbers
  • suggestions for search words to use for the library catalog
  • websites
  • national organizations
  • local diabetes management programs

I am going to leave the display up all month. Hopefully, people will use it and at least take some brochures home. I created this display because 1) I enjoy projects like this, 2) I want to increase the community’s awareness of public libraries as a health resource, and 3) I wanted to highlight a disease that can be minimized when patients are proactive about their health and lifestyle choices.

I confess I am doubtful that it will get much use. The adults in our community mainly use the library for computer/internet access, and to read the latest newspapers and popular fiction. Plus, if someone doesn’t have diabetes, or doesn’t know they are at risk, they probably won’t be interested in the topic. I set up the display right next to the new books section, so we’ll see.

If you work in a public library, what do you do to promote consumer health information?

Any suggestions on improving my display?


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