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March 4, 2013 / Christian M.

Library Student Day in the Life 3/4/13

This post is a part of the Library Student Day In The Life Project, Round 1. It’s a great opportunity for library science students from around the world to share about their experiences in school and at work.

I attend The Catholic University of America part-time, and I will be graduating in May (yaay!!!). My school is on spring break this week,  but as my fellow students know, the homework doesn’t stop just because we’re on break.  🙂  Currently, I work full-time as a Library Associate II for a public library system. I am also on the job hunt, as I would like to switch from public librarianship to health sciences librarianship.

I started out the day working on a homework project. I am taking a course called “Marketing Libraries and Information Services”, and we are required to complete a 40-hour field study on behalf of a host institution.  This allows us to apply the principles and skills we are learning to a real-life marketing situation. I chose to work with a local public school system’s Professional Library. This Professional Library serves all the staff of the public school system, but they are especially concerned about the low usage among teachers. I am conducting an online survey of the teaching staff, hoping to discover 1) why the non-users don’t use the library 2) how satisfied the users are with the Library’s services and 3) the teachers’ preferences for receiving news from the Library. I was nervous that maybe none of the teachers would respond to the survey. However, the survey went live this morning, and by this afternoon there were already over 100 responses. Yeesss!! I plan on keeping the survey open until the end of next week.

More than 100 responses so far -- sigh of relief!

More than 100 responses so far — sigh of relief!

Most of my work day was spent on the reference desk (or the info desk as we call it). I mostly answered the phone and assisted patrons with the use of the computers and printer. The only real reference question came from two sisters who needed biographies for their history homework. They both admitted they weren’t really paying attention in class though. One was looking for information on Francisco Franco, who she thought was a dictator from France. Turns out he was from Spain. The other was looking for Ali Juan Muhammad, who she says was a dictator (or political leader). But she could not remember where he was from, or what time in history that he lived. Sigh. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. I suspect she may have his name spelled incorrectly. So I told her to double-check with her teacher (or her text book) and call us back tomorrow.

A display of books I put together for National Nutrition Month

A display of books I put together for National Nutrition Month

I’m sort of in charge of instruction at my branch. We offer several computer classes for adults, and I teach most of them. Today, I printed out the sign-up sheet for April classes (most of the March classes are already full!), and emailed reminders to my co-workers about class details and who is teaching what. I also made reminder phone calls to all the participants in tomorrow’s class.

Let’s see, anything else? Oh, and today my supervisor asked me to be our branch’s contact person for the summer reading program. So all the summer reading materials and updates will be sent to me, and I will share the information with my co-workers.

So that was my day. It’s 7:30 pm, and the library will be closing in thirty minutes. Time to start making announcements for the patrons to prepare to leave!



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  1. Evelyn N. Alfred / Mar 4 2013 11:24 pm

    I didn’t realize this was starting up again.

  2. LibGirl09 / Mar 5 2013 7:15 am

    Hi Evelyn,

    This is a new series that focuses on just library students. It is inspired by Bobbi Newman’s Library Day in the Life project though. This one is being run by Hack Library School. It’s not too late to join in! You can find more details here:

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