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July 25, 2013 / Christian M.

So THAT’S Where Milk Comes From….


It’s been a while since I’ve shared my funny stories from the reference desk. I usually post them on my Facebook page and then forget to put them on my blog. Here are three from the past few months.


The security guard came and reported something he saw going on in the men’s restroom.

Security Guard: “Just when you thought you’ve seen it all. There are two boys in the bathroom…”
[I had a quick moment of dread about what the two boys might be doing]
Security Guard: “…they are face painting. One boy has painted the middle part of his face green. He said his parents said he could.”
Me: “But whyyyyy? Why can’t he do that at home????”
Security Guard: “What do you want me to do? Can he continue and just tell him not to make a mess?”
Me: “No…tell him to take it home and finish. Ms. A. [the building & grounds staffperson] will have a fit if he spills paint in the bathroom.”

So the boys did take the paint home,  and one returned to the library a little later with his face fully painted.


One of my customers was talking about the importance of taking care of your body while you’re young. She says she’s in her 60s with no problems because she reads about health care and takes care of herself.

Her: “How old are you? 21?”
Me: “30”
Her: “What? No you’re not! You don’t look 30.”
Me (laughs): “Yes”
Her: “How many children you have?”
Me: “None”
Her: “Well that’s why. You don’t want to get married and have children?”
Me: “Yes I do…I just haven’t found the right person yet”
Her: “Well what are you waiting for? If you have a baby now…in twenty years… you’ll be an old woman!”
Me (laughing)
Her: “You aren’t interested in marriage are you?”
Me: “Yes…”
Her: “Well you get married when YOU want to. But hurry, though, HURRY!”

Well good grief lady, husbands don’t grow on trees! Some people have NO filter. Smh


My coworker and I gave a storytime to about 60 first-graders recently. I read “The Cow Loves Cookies”, and at the end of the story, the picture shows the farmer milking a cow.

One child goes “Ewww!”
I kinda laugh and say, “Well that’s where your milk comes from.”
Child: “Milk comes from COWS???”
Me: “Yes…”

Later on, it occurred to me that maybe his family only drinks soy milk….



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