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August 3, 2013 / Christian M.

Time to Start Packing


It’s hard to believe I have only one week left working for the public library. I’m been doing some reminiscing, and looking back over my annual posts about lessons learned. How do I sum up three years and nine months of interesting, challenging, amusing, sometimes-crazy, and rewarding experiences? I don’t know. I will be writing an “official” farewell post sometime next week.

But for now, I need to write a to-do list of things to finish before I leave:

  • Write computer class guide for my co-workers (as requested by my supervisor a couple of months ago) with tips on planning and leading group computer classes for adults.
  • Print out sign up sheets for next series of adult computer classes.
  • Make copies of computer class handouts I have created. I like to keep things like that for my portfolio, and also, never know if I might need it again.
  • Remove any of my files that I want to keep from my personal drive on the staff network.
  • Clean out my email. Cancel subscriptions to listservs I won’t be using. Forward any emails I want to keep to my personal account.
  • Clean out my space in the staff workroom.
  • Did I forget anything?

I think I also have to do some type of exit interview as well.

Only one week left….


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