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September 29, 2014 / Christian M.

Check Out the Storify for “Live and Learn” Twitter Chats!

Last week @SLAhq and @INALJchat co-hosted two sessions of the “Live and Learn” Twitter chat. The chat featured a lively discussion on learning and keeping skills sharp in the library science field. I really enjoyed participating in this conversation and learned some new info on continuing education opportunities. If you missed the chat, here are the links to the Storify stories for both sessions.

It’s been a while since I have actively participated in a Twitter chat. Often I forget about the ones that I do want to follow, or when I do remember, then I end up just lurking. I need to start putting reminders on my calender, and look for specific chat topics that I feel like I have something to contribute to. It’s fine to use chats as a learning activity, but as someone who wants to become involved in the profession beyond my workplace, chats like these provide an opportunity to add my voice to the larger conversation about the many issues swirling around in the librarian profession. It’s a great way to network too.

Both SLA and INALJ also separately host regular Twitter chats. If you want to join in these conversations, follow @SLAhq and @INALJchat for updates.

  • INALJchat hosts #inaljchat on Mondays, 9pm ET.
  • SLAhq will be hosting the next #slatalk on October 28th, 3pm ET.

I also like to participate lurk during the #medlibs chat.  It’s held on Thursdays, 9pm ET.


I’m looking for more Twitter chats. What are your favorite chats to follow?



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  1. katiechan2 / Oct 28 2014 11:53 am

    You already mentioned the chats I would reccomend but for other chats, HackLibrarySchool made a list of hashtags for librarians:

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