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January 15, 2015 / Christian M.

Snow, Teaching, Collection Development and More….


First Snow of 2015 at Mt Vernon Park, Baltimore City

Let It Snow…or Not…

Last week we had our first snow of the year here in Baltimore. The university had a delayed opening. I hadn’t thought to ask about inclement weather policies, so I didn’t know if the library staff were included in the delay. So I went to work pretty close to my usual time…and I found that we follow whatever closings or delays that the university has. Good to know. It wasn’t bad though. A couple of my coworkers had come in “early” too, so I wasn’t alone. Also, I didn’t have to drive, I just hopped on a campus shuttle.

Flying Solo: Teaching a Library Class

Last week I taught a library class on databases and resources for public health. I think I had seven or eight attendees. It was a good experience. I felt very nervous but I don’t think it showed too much. The class was one-hour long, and I talked about creating a search strategy, did a demo of Embase and its controlled vocabulary Emtree, gave a brief overview of our public health LibGuide, and touched on a few web resources (PHPartners Healthy People 2020 PubMed queries, the HSRProj database, and advanced searching Google for grey literature). My preceptor observed me teach and gave me a few suggestions afterwards:

  • To help engage students and build rapport, ask them to introduce themselves and tell you one thing they want to learn.
  • Remember they don’t know what you know. Always provide context (i.e. don’t use abbreviations for databases without saying what they are).
  • I could have explained the hierarchy of the controlled vocabulary a little better.

Overall though, she said I did a good job. Yaaay me! 🙂

More Flying Solo: Student Consultations

The last couple of months I did a lot of shadowing with the informationists working with the School of Public Health, and observing how they assist students and researchers with literature searches and systematic reviews. This month I am starting to take the lead with some of the student consults, mostly within the International Health department right now. One of the informationists gives me some consults that she thinks I can handle, but remains available by phone or email if I have a question or need her to peer-review a search strategy. I really enjoy working one-on-one, and explaining the process of creating a search strategy and how to search databases.

Consumer Health Collection Development

At the Community Health Library, I was starting to assist with delivering patient health information to the bedside. However, since it’s the height of the flu season, the library director has decided to cut back on most visits to patient rooms right now. There is one librarian who will continue to round on the floors with residents, and she can take up any resources requested by patients. Around March, we’ll resume our regular visits to patient rooms again. For the time being, I am working on a collection development project for the consumer health books. I am starting by taking inventory to see if any items are missing. Then I will evaluate what items need to be updated, or look for new materials to add to collection.

Those are all the updates I have right now! More to come soon. 🙂


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